Alzheimer's Disease 
Early Risk Detection Kit
Now a simple blood test can detect the risk of Alzheimer’s before symptoms!

Alzheimer's Risk Detection Kit

Based on novel monoclonal antibody (world-wide patent application submitted), the AD Early Risk Detection kit (AD Detect) consists of two complementary ELISAs for reliable (>95% ) diagnostics of early dementia stages. Our clinical studies are conducted in Amsterdam and Shanghai. In the comparative clinical study in Shanghai, our AD Detect showed superior performance compared to other blood biomarkers.

Prevention is better than cure!

☛ Central dogma in fighting any disease is to understand its mechanism- the Science Behind; the old mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) have failed to produce effective cure or prevention.

☛ After years of research at Karolinska Institutet (Sweden), we have uncovered a novel mechanism of AD initiation based on damage of blood proteins (please check our publications). Based on this novel mechanism, we developed an AD Risk Detection kit (AD Detect) and a Dementia Prevention Food Supplement (AD Protect)

☛ Now with AD Detect you can able to know at a very early stage if you are in the risk group of developing AD or some dementia. This kit is also important for screening of the donors' blood in Blood Bank before transfusion.